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Heal Your Hashimoto's Strategy Session"...
This is more than just a 30-minute phone consultation with renowned Hashimoto's Expert, Marc Ryan.  It's a strategy session where you'll get Resources, Insights and Solutions you can implement immediately.
What's included in a Heal Your Hasimoto's Strategy Session?

30-Minute Phone Consultation

Schedule a time that is convenient for you using Marc's interactive calendar.

Find Out what Your Doctor won't tell you

Western medicine has done a disservice to millions of us who suffer from this autoimmune disease.  Marc's functional medicine approach succeeds where others fail.

Exclusive Resources and Insights  

With Lifetime Access to our Private Facebook Group, you'll have access to the latest and most relevant Hashimoto's research, studies and data.

Your Goals, Within Reach.

If we have a program that fits your needs you can apply the fee for the consultation to your investment in your health.

Hello people, I'm Marc Ryan...

Over the last 3 years I’ve had the privilege of working with over 2,500 people with Hashimoto’s.

It’s all I do.

This has given me some remarkable insights into the physical, emotional and cognitive issues caused by this disease.

I have learned that is way more than a thyroid problem and that it is progressive.

In addition, I have also discovered that it is quite individualized.

There are so many variables, no one is at the exact same place in the progression and everyone has a unique set of circumstances and challenges.

So, I’ve given up on one-size-fits-all protocols.

I’ve learned it is much more important to get the facts on the ground and then create a plan that addresses your unique set of issues and challenges.

I am now offering, while they are available, five 30 minute time slots per week where you can ask me anything and get instant feedback and solutions that you can implement right away.

In these consultations you have the opportunity to share where you are and where you want to be and I will provide you with insights, resources and solutions for your health issues.

The cost for this consultation is $150 and if you decide to move forward and work with me, this amount will be credited towards any of my programs or one on one work with me.If you elect not to work with me and you don’t feel that the 30 minutes was worth every penny, then I will refund the full amount no questions asked

.In order to get the most out of consultation, please provide me with whatever laboratory results you have from the last 6 months (10 page maximum).

It my sincere wish that you find hope, help and healing from Hashimoto’s. And I look forward to helping you do so!

What are people who have worked with Marc saying?

"Marc is a humble and innovative pioneer in his field in whose path I am fortunate to have fallen."

- John F. from California

"I am fortunate to work with someone who is so passionate and from whom I learned so much. Knowledge is power. With the knowledge I gained from your program and working with you, I had the power to reclaim my life... for the first time in my adult life my serum iron levels are within normal ranges."

- Paulette L. from Arizona

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that this consultation is going to be a game changer for you that if for any reason you don't feel it was worth every penny I will refund the full cost to you, no questions asked.  

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